Besides being a Custom Sportswear Manufacturer, H&A Global Enterprises Inc. is also operating as a Cut and Sew Contractor for multiple firms, organizations, and renowned sportswear companies. We are operating in New Jersey, the USA hence, all our products and services are to entertain the businesses and customers within the USA.

We are known for our professionalism and high standards of manufacturing throughout the USA. These standards are set on our own and we strive hard to achieve the goal of excellence.


The Best Cut and Sew Contractor of Sportswear:

Along with working as an independent seller, we are also helping many other small companies and industries of sportswear to exceed their businesses and the number of customers with a satisfactory response. It’s one of the roles we are playing by being a reliable Cut and Sew Contractor for Sportswear of all kinds.

Whether you are running a small business or a large one, smart work and excellent decision making skill both are equally important to let the business expand and flourish.

We can bring the best design Custom Jerseys and other garments in unique and contemporary styles.


How Does Our Cut and Sew Department Operate?

We are one of the very few manufacturers in the USA  that have a complete setup from printing, cutting to sewing under one roof.

H&A Global Enterprises Inc. not only claims to be outstanding but asks its customers to try it out and share their experience with everyone. We are 100% confident that we will be able to provide good value to your business.

For clients or contractors who want to hire a sewing expert to deal with their printed fabric and finish all the cutting and sewing with proper care are welcome at H&A Sewing Services. Here we take orders for sewing of sportswear from many stores or companies. If you have professionals to design the print and logos for your products but do not have enough space or labor to get done with the rest of the process you may come to us and acquire our services for cutting, sewing, and preparing it in the best form.

We have the latest and computerized machines for sewing purposes. Our sewing operators are equipped with the modern methods and techniques and also have a significant experience to operate the machines skillfully. You just have to send us the printed fabric prepared by your designers and we will do the rest for you in the given time frame.

As we are Custom Sportswear Manufacturer so you can ask us to make any customized garments for your required sports. We can also add the private label. We can also dropship.

Cut & Sewn


If you have printers and just want our expert sewing operators to make products for you. If you send us the printed fabric we will cut and sew for you with your label etc. The sewing department of H&A Global Enterprises Inc . Is equipped with most modern computerized sewing machines. The sewing operators are highly skilled and experienced.