Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all  products are made in USA . We have variety of fabric, Best fit , different styles and great designs
Yes we can put your label on the products and also provide drop ship services.
Call us up. We may have a garment that fits your needs. or we can even customize in terms of styling and fabric as per your requirement.
Since the products are made in USA it is more reliable . Turn around is very fast . The quality is great and the ability to get add ons within days is a big advantage.
H&A Global  prefers artwork in Adobe AI, EPS or PDF formats. Other acceptable formats are PSD and TIF.
Our team of designers will design your logo for a nominal price.
A full dye sublimation is custom from beginning to end and has no limits in how the design is made or colored. We will make the design, and cut and sew the garment. Semi dye sublimation uses high quality pre-made garment blanks,Sublimation can only be done on a white ground. The semi sublimation can be done on any white area of the garment.
Dye sublimation uses a heat press to vaporize inks which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment material. Screen printing uses a mesh screen to put designs using ink on top of the garment. Dye sublimation has no color limits, while each color on a screen printing design requires a separate screen. Dye sublimation is also much lighter and breathable and doesn't crack or peel like screen printing inks. Dye sublimation inks can be used on more high tech synthetic materials while screen printing is generally used on cotton.
We use different fabrics for different sports. Most commonly used are Mock Mesh, Dazzle, Pique , compression and steel mesh, etc. all the fabrics are 100% polyester.